Luecky is a simple cloze test application. It enables the user to fill out cloze tests and evaluate them. The results can be saved and printed.

The special feature of Luecky is that new cloze tests can be written in your well known text processing application (e.g. Microsoft Word, OpenOffice.org Writer). This way the already shipped cloze tests can easily be expanded.


Lücky 1.0 - Windows 95Luecky was originally a school project in the year 1999. The first release "Lücky 0.9" was published in the same year under the address http://software.freepage.de/luecky. A few month later followed the version "Lücky 1.0" which introduced a print functionality for the evaluated cloze tests. A nice characteristic of "Lücky 1.0" is that the application was written for Windows 95 and it still runs on the 16 years older operating system Windows Vista. This is the way all applications should work :-)

Nine years later we are proud to publish the new Luecky 2.0 in the beginning of 2008. This version is totally rewritten and provides a new modern user interface. In addition the application is now available in various languages (English and German) and it has a save function for evaluated cloze tests.