Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This documentation answers the most frequently asked questions about the learning software Luecky.

Do I have to pay for Luecky?

No. Luecky is an open-source software and therefore you can download the software at no charge. This is true for private and commercial use of Luecky. See also: License.

Where do I find cloze tests for Luecky?

The download packages already contain some cloze tests. These cloze tests can be used right after the installation of Luecky. Additionally, it is possible to write own cloze tests and use them with Luecky.

How can I write own cloze tests?

A short tutorial about how to write an own cloze test can be found here.

Does Luecky require administrator rights?

No. Luecky works fine with the default user rights. Even the "power user" rights are not required for Luecky to run. Yet it is recommended to run the setup under a user with administrator rights. Otherwise it is not possible to install Luecky for all users of the computer.

Can I run Luecky from a USB stick?

Yes. It is not necessary that Luecky is installed via the setup on a computer. You can copy the files on a USB stick and start Luecky from this location. Please use the download "Multilanguage Binary" in this case.

Can I install Luecky on a server?

Yes. Luecky is designed to run from a server. If Luecky is installed on a server it does not need to be installed on the client machines anymore. New versions of Windows need the security settings to be configured in order that Luecky runs from a network share. A tutorial how to configure the security settings can be found here.