Luecky is a simple cloze test application. It enables the user to fill out cloze tests and evaluate them. The results can be saved and printed.

Luecky Logo


Luecky is back!

After a break the cloze text application Luecky is back with a new modern user interface. The concept is still the same but the application is completely rewritten. Luecky is now available in various languages (English, German) and it is full compatible with Windows Vista.

Luecky 2.0 is backward compatible. Cloze tests written for Lücky 1.0 can be opened and used by the new Luecky.

Best of all: The new Luecky is still free and it can be downloaded at no charge. This is true for private and commercial use of the application. Further information can be found on the license page.

We wish you a lot of fun with Luecky.